Founded on 1992, Mediterana Import Export SRL is able to satisfy the requests of its clients by distributing a various range of industrial raw materials ( adhesives, unsaturated polyester, acrylic and alkyd resins, fiberglass and auxiliary materials) manufactured by our external partners from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Kingdom of Bahrain and China.

The majority of our clients are producers of boats, car bodies, corrugated sheets, swimming pools, septic tanks, tanks, panels, containers, sanitary, artificial marble, paints and lacquers, generally products which require excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

The company is located in Bucharest, 17 Unirii Boulevard, bl. 4A, sc. 2, 6th floor, app. 43.

Mediterana Import-Export has two warehousing points located in Bucharest – Otopeni area: in collaboration with Express Interfracht Romania SRL and Sorceti Expeditii si Transporturi SRL which also assure manipulation, stock administration and transport services.

We offer technical support for the clients in choosing adequate materials, equipment and technologies in order to obtain premium products.